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Hyperloop CEO says the 700mph ride could be free for passengers

The Hyperloop track proposed to offer super-speed travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles has to be one of the most exciting projects slated for the coming decade. In concept, the ultra-high-speed tram seems like luxury sent straight from the future, but Elon Musk’s futuristic pipe dream could be free for commuters.
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Sun-powered Solar Impulse begins longest, most dangerous leg of round-the-world flight

Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered aircraft with room for only one person, lifted off from China at 2:39am local time May 31, beginning the five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. This news comes three weeks after the original departure date, which was pushed back repeatedly as dangerous storms threatened the flightplan and the pilot’s safety.
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Female scientists spark #GirlsWithToys campaign to highlight STEM careers & combat gender stereotypes

You don’t mess with women in science. Someday, people will learn that. In an interview with NPR that took place earlier this month, Caltech astronomer Shrinivas Kulkarni made a casual comment that scientists are “boys with toys,” and that notion has gotten the attention of many women working in fields of science and engineering. Within just a few days, the hashtag #GirlsWithToys was trending on Twitter, featuring female scientists, engineers, astronomers, and the like showing off the “toys” they use to perform amazing feats of science.
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Bill Nye launches crowdfunding campaign to back Carl Sagan's dream LightSail

You can become a backer of one of the coolest space programs in this universe. yep, The Science Guy—has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fuel The Planetary Society, which will help make Carl Sagan’s space dreams come true. We recently reported on the project to build Sagan’s solar-powered lightsail spaceship, and the launch of this crowdfunding effort means that average, ordinary science-loving citizens can contribute to the next great wave of space exploration.
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How busy freelancers can achieve inbox zero (or close)

<img class="progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner" src="*4DKSMF79vPrwc6Wh5FGaWg.jpeg"> Nearly every freelancer I know has thousands of unread emails in their inbox. I only know a handful who don’t. I’m one of them. Yesterday, though, I couldn’t have said that and been honest about it.

Elon Musk implies Supercharger V3 could charge Teslas in mere seconds

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Watch Elon Musk’s emotional rollercoaster during successful SpaceX Falcon 9 landing

A year ago, SpaceX successfully launched and landed its Falcon 9 rocket for the first time at Cape Canaveral, Florida, making history with the early proof of concept toward a world of reusable rockets. The event made headlines, and the company has been hard at work tweaking and improving its design and procedures ever since.
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Juicer electric bikes bridge dorky environmentalism and cool-guy style

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Elon Musk vows to start company that digs tunnels under traffic

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Gov. Jerry Brown pledges California’s “own damn satellite” if Trump blocks climate research

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Check out the world’s first lights powered by micro-sphere solar cells

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Woman accidentally tosses rare Apple I computer worth $200,000

The managers of a recycling center in Silicon Valley are looking for a woman who dropped off an extremely rare early Apple I computer, which turned out to be worth $200,000. Several weeks ago, an unnamed woman donated several boxes of computer parts to a Clean Bay Area recycling center, and the center is hoping to identify her so that she can share in the earnings after the rare computer sold at auction.
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