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Off-grid Utah home nestled inside a natural cave-like opening

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Panasonic investing $256M in Tesla’s Buffalo solar manufacturing plant

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Six places where renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels

In the race to reduce the world's reliance on fossil fuels, cost is a huge factor. It's taken years, but advances in technology and increases in both efficiency and output have helped bring down the expense of renewable energy, which has in turn increased demand. Globally, fossil fuels are still cheaper than these alternative sources, but there are a few places around the world where clean energy is winning, dollar for dollar.
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Check out the world’s first lights powered by micro-sphere solar cells

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Leonardo DiCaprio schools Donald Trump on benefits of renewable energy

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Israel building world’s tallest solar tower to power 130,000 households

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Costa Rica ran almost entirely on renewables in 2016

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China to spend $361 billion on renewable energy projects by 2020

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Solar-powered Farm From a Box is a compact farm kit that feeds 150 people

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Angry letters show how Trump harassed Scottish first minister over wind farm

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America’s first offshore wind farm is now powering 17,000 homes

The United States is dotted with wind farms, generating clean energy to offset fossil fuel dependence, but until now, all of America’s wind energy has been produced on land. On December 12, Rhode Island’s Block Island Windfarm went online, marking the debut of America’s first offshore wind farm. While offshore wind energy projects are popping up all over the world, some say this could wind up being the only one of its kind in the US, as the incoming presidential administration may work hard to block renewable energy projects from becoming reality, in favor of coal and oil industry ventures.
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Germany’s massive nuclear fusion reactor is actually working

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Cat DiStasio

Cat DiStasio is a freelance writer specializing in business, human resources, technology, and sustainability. Previous to her freelance career, Cat worked in human resources with a focus on recruiting. She holds a B.A. in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies from the University of Washington. Cat believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of freshly baked bread.