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Female scientists spark #GirlsWithToys campaign to highlight STEM careers & combat gender stereotypes

You don’t mess with women in science. Someday, people will learn that. In an interview with NPR that took place earlier this month, Caltech astronomer Shrinivas Kulkarni made a casual comment that scientists are “boys with toys,” and that notion has gotten the attention of many women working in fields of science and engineering. Within just a few days, the hashtag #GirlsWithToys was trending on Twitter, featuring female scientists, engineers, astronomers, and the like showing off the “toys” they use to perform amazing feats of science.
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Six largest school districts in the U.S. are ditching polystyrene trays for eco-friendly, compostable plates

Today, the nation’s six largest school districts made a stunning step forward for eco-friendly student dining. The Urban School Food Alliance—a coalition of school districts in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami-Dade, Dallas and Orlando—announced that they will phase out the use of polystyrene trays and replace them with round, compostable plates.
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Study finds LGBT parents and those with four or more kids are the happiest parents

More kids means more stress, right? According to an Australian study, parents with four or more children as well as gay and lesbian parents experience more satisfaction than others. Concluding five years of research, after interviewing 950 parents and examining different types of families and levels of contentment, researcher Bronwyn Harman, a psychology and social science lecturer at the Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, was surprised by the results.
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7 Eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts for nature-loving dads

They say the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak, and I’m never sure whether that is supposed to be a compliment. This adult/kiddo t-shirt set makes it look pretty good, though. The pairing is perfect for fathers who like to fancy themselves as tall, strong oak trees who foster their child’s development like a seedling.
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This feline-shaped kindergarten is the cat’s meow

Approaching the building is like walking straight up to a giant feline, paws astride in a Sphinx-like pose, with big round eyes gazing out over the entryway. About a hundred lucky kids attend this school, and each has to pass through the cat’s mouth, almost as if being eaten, to enter the building, but we suspect they aren’t afraid, once they know what awaits inside.
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California’s mandatory vaccination bill SB277 violates parental rights and freedom of choice

We reported last monththe Senate passed the bill on May 14 in a 25-10 vote, the heated debate surrounding the issue has greatly intensified. Many people are arguing about the potential health risks associated with un- or under-vaccinated children matriculating in schools, but at the heart of this controversy is something wholly separate from epidemiology.
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Florida judge forces mother to consent to the circumcision of her 4 year-old son against her will

In Florida yesterday, (May 22), a judge sentenced a four year-old boy named Chase to a circumcision. Heather Hironimus, the boy’s mother, lost a months-long court battle and was ultimately unable to protect her son from a needless and potentially dangerous medical procedure, all because the boy’s father wants it done.
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Sharenting: Are you sharing too much about your kids’ lives on social media?

Navigating social media as a parent in the digital age is a moving target. New terms are even being coined for the process, such as the term “sharenting,” which is “used to describe the overuse of social media by parents to share content based on their children.”. The rules of the game change on an almost daily basis, and it’s difficult to foresee how today’s actions might impact your family’s future, either in the short- or long-term.
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