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Sun-powered Solar Impulse begins longest, most dangerous leg of round-the-world flight

Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered aircraft with room for only one person, lifted off from China at 2:39am local time May 31, beginning the five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii. This news comes three weeks after the original departure date, which was pushed back repeatedly as dangerous storms threatened the flightplan and the pilot’s safety.
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Six largest school districts in the U.S. are ditching polystyrene trays for eco-friendly, compostable plates

Today, the nation’s six largest school districts made a stunning step forward for eco-friendly student dining. The Urban School Food Alliance—a coalition of school districts in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami-Dade, Dallas and Orlando—announced that they will phase out the use of polystyrene trays and replace them with round, compostable plates.
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DIY Trash Can Composter Tutorial

Composting food scraps from your kitchen is an easy way to reduce landfill waste and create nutrient-rich potting soil for your garden. You probably already knew that. Did you also know you can build your own composter for the cost of a movie ticket and less than 30 minutes of your time? There are many, many different types of composters available for sale at hardware stores and garden markets (and online, of course), but they are often quite expensive.

Native American tribe is fighting against the Pilgrim Pipeline in New Jersey

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Pollution in China prompts Beijing exodus

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Manchester unveils starry polar bear sculpture in a whimsical celebration of winter

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Proposed Nigerian superhighway threatens world’s rarest great ape

Nigeria is proposing a six-lane highway that would cut through the rainforest in the country’s southeastern region. The planned 162-mile long highway project would also clear six miles of land on either side of the roadway, which will run through Cross River state. The potential for destruction is massive, as conservationists say the affected area is home to large numbers of indigenous people as well as rare wildlife and flora.
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Six places where renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels

In the race to reduce the world's reliance on fossil fuels, cost is a huge factor. It's taken years, but advances in technology and increases in both efficiency and output have helped bring down the expense of renewable energy, which has in turn increased demand. Globally, fossil fuels are still cheaper than these alternative sources, but there are a few places around the world where clean energy is winning, dollar for dollar.
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Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic home cuts energy bill 60% with over 2,000 LEDs

Two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic estates are being updated with super efficient LEDs as part of an overall effort to reduce energy use, while keeping true to Wright’s vision. Taliesin West and Taliesin, located in Arizona and Wisconsin, respectively, are gaining over 2,000 LEDs in the upgrade. After an energy audit of the property, caretakers learned that they could offset the utility costs by 51 percent by providing more energy efficient lighting. After an extensive search for new lighting that would keep the look and feel of the property in alignment with the Wright’s vision, OSRAM Sylvania was selected to supply the cost-effective lighting upgrade.
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India’s scorching month-long heatwave kills 1,400 and melts the streets

India is a country known for its sweltering heat, but this spring has brought unprecedented (and early) high temperatures to the region, with a deadly outcome. Early Thursday morning reports estimate that over 1,400 people have perished as a direct result of the blistering heatwave, which has been plaguing the nation for the past several weeks.
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85,000 endangered antelopes died this month and nobody knows why

Saiga antelopes are among the strangest-looking creatures on Earth, and they are dangerously close to extinction. They are native to the northern part of the Asian continent, where they have been popular among poachers since the decline of the Soviet Union’s strict hunting controls. Last year, researchers estimated there were approximately 250,000 saiga still living in the wild, but the population has taken a huge hit recently, as around 85,000 of the antelopes have mysteriously died within the past few weeks.
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Massive storms bring flooding, tornadoes to Texas and Oklahoma

Flash floods in Texas and Oklahoma have created a disaster situation that Texas governor Greg Abbott likens to a tsunami. On Monday, Abbott declared a state of emergency in 37 Texas counties as the weather service issued warnings that the floods may not be over. The peak of the floods occurred Monday afternoon, when over 20 high-water rescues were performed as emergency services personnel fanned out across the area south of Austin, where the worst of the floods occurred.
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