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Columbus, Ohio, USA

Cat DiStasio



Juicer electric bikes bridge dorky environmentalism and cool-guy style

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Check out the world’s first lights powered by micro-sphere solar cells

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This $10k house can be built with a hex key in less than a day

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Man covers his entire house with aluminum foil - is it art?

In hot regions like Florida, it’s not uncommon to see a window or two covered by aluminum foil. It’s often used to block out the blazing sun and keep a bedroom cool during the scorching summertime. For Piotr Janowski, of Tarpon Springs, Florida, aluminum foil is much more than a functional tool; it’s his chosen medium of artistic expression.
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This tiny shape-shifting sideways-driving car could mark the end of parallel parking

It’s small, cute, and sleek. Just another smart car, though? The EO Smart Connecting Car 2, or “EOscc2” for short, does things like no other smart car we’ve seen, except maybe in sci-fi movies. The product of a research project conducted by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the EOscc2 is a wee electric car that can drive sideways, change its shape, and even shrink itself to fit in smaller spaces.
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Autonomous concept car features an urban garden on wheels

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Cat DiStasio

Cat DiStasio is a freelance writer specializing in business, human resources, technology, and sustainability. Previous to her freelance career, Cat worked in human resources with a focus on recruiting. She holds a B.A. in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies from the University of Washington. Cat believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of freshly baked bread.