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This humble home in South Korea features an observation tower for amazing views

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San Francisco man wants to end homelessness with tiny MicroPAD mini homes

In San Francisco, approximately 7,000 people live on the street without a permanent home, and one man believes he has a solution. Patrick Kennedy and his team at Panoramic Interests developed MicroPAD, a tiny, prefabricated housing unit that can be used alone or stacked into 200-unit complexes to provide efficient shelter for those who currently have none.
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This $10k house can be built with a hex key in less than a day

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Man covers his entire house with aluminum foil - is it art?

In hot regions like Florida, it’s not uncommon to see a window or two covered by aluminum foil. It’s often used to block out the blazing sun and keep a bedroom cool during the scorching summertime. For Piotr Janowski, of Tarpon Springs, Florida, aluminum foil is much more than a functional tool; it’s his chosen medium of artistic expression.
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Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic home cuts energy bill 60% with over 2,000 LEDs

Two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic estates are being updated with super efficient LEDs as part of an overall effort to reduce energy use, while keeping true to Wright’s vision. Taliesin West and Taliesin, located in Arizona and Wisconsin, respectively, are gaining over 2,000 LEDs in the upgrade. After an energy audit of the property, caretakers learned that they could offset the utility costs by 51 percent by providing more energy efficient lighting. After an extensive search for new lighting that would keep the look and feel of the property in alignment with the Wright’s vision, OSRAM Sylvania was selected to supply the cost-effective lighting upgrade.
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This feline-shaped kindergarten is the cat’s meow

Approaching the building is like walking straight up to a giant feline, paws astride in a Sphinx-like pose, with big round eyes gazing out over the entryway. About a hundred lucky kids attend this school, and each has to pass through the cat’s mouth, almost as if being eaten, to enter the building, but we suspect they aren’t afraid, once they know what awaits inside.
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This prefab London backyard studio is as cool as a custom cottage

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Cat DiStasio

Cat DiStasio is a freelance writer specializing in business, human resources, technology, and sustainability. Previous to her freelance career, Cat worked in human resources with a focus on recruiting. She holds a B.A. in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies from the University of Washington. Cat believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of freshly baked bread.