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Cat DiStasio

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Nigerian customs stops 2.75 tons of potentially deadly fake plastic rice from hitting markets

Customs agents in Nigeria recently intercepted nearly three tons of “plastic rice,” which could have wreaked havoc on the area population, where real rice is a staple food. The incoming shipment of fake rice was packaged in large bags just as the genuine article would be, and the counterfeit product looks and feels just like the real thing.
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Proposed Nigerian superhighway threatens world’s rarest great ape

Nigeria is proposing a six-lane highway that would cut through the rainforest in the country’s southeastern region. The planned 162-mile long highway project would also clear six miles of land on either side of the roadway, which will run through Cross River state. The potential for destruction is massive, as conservationists say the affected area is home to large numbers of indigenous people as well as rare wildlife and flora.
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Cat DiStasio

Cat DiStasio is a writer, editor, social media strategist, and community architect. Previous to her freelance career, Cat worked in human resources with a focus on recruiting. She holds a B.A. in Ethnic, Gender, and Labor Studies from the University of Washington. These days, Cat is a dedicated green homemaker and compassionate mama to an ambitious little mountain goat of boy. In addition to her earth-loving ways, she works to raise awareness for attachment parenting, babywearing, intactivism, and budget-friendly living. Cat believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of freshly baked bread.